Joe & Insanate's Excellent LP

by The Other Guys

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All songs were produced by The Other Guy's except " Under the Circumstances " Produced by: Backdraft


released April 10, 2012



all rights reserved


The Other Guys Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC

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Track Name: Nice
?Got flows for weeks what year is this/ so play a beat for ears it's Christmas/ I'm on the nice list the freestyle's priceless/ and when I spit deaths my sidekick/ mics sliced quick like pizza pies get/ extra cheese the best emcees/ dominos to me/ they cant fall faster/ so called rappers/ small and fracture like action figures/ You have to figure my passions bigger/ I'll smash a nigga/ like avalanches or yams in kansas/ don't care who your man's is/ screw him too/ my crews two dudes/ that bruise egos/ your crew broods/ like you emo/ so lose to youse/ thats news to me/ like iraqis with WMD's
Track Name: Fearless
What are you afraid of/ most are scared of change/ or scared to be themselves so they're all the same/ I'm scared too when you're near me/ I'm scared you'll be here but you won't hear me

They ask why I never sleep/ cause I'm afraid too/ f I close my eyes I may not get up and save you

It's not enough to keep hope alive/ if what they say is true/ the meek will survive/ each day we try/ to not cry as much/ someone still dies/ and eyes erupt/ in tears for fears/ like 80's pop/ is life just crazy/ maybe not/ I've seen otherwise/ guys with out pride/ that terrorize/ gays that have it/ in ways its tragic/ like graves and caskets/ you saw buried/ that we carry/ long as we breathe/ my heart on my sleeve/ pen in my fist/ watch on my wrist/ that broke last year/ I stand here/ try to stand clear/ of the drama/ the blocks a sauna/ unless your momma/ is Sarah Conner/ its gonna be hard work/ like construction/ or fire fighting/ dope production/ or lyric writing/ my spirits fighting/ with its dukes up/ without a doubt/ yours slugs it out/ like mike tyson/ and king hippo/ slit the jab/ keep it simple/ don't get hit/ that's essential/ to reach your potential/ you gotta be Kimbo/ slice of the good life/ all I ask for/ just a few bucks/ and a chance to rap more/ my health and my feet/ on solid ground/ along with my peeps that got babies now

Everday I pray/ before sleeping/ that's weird to say/ I got my reasons/ my faith keeps beating/ in my chest/ don't think its leaving/ place your bets/ on your own/ like runaways/ I'm one that may/ sucumb to ways/ of the heart/ thats due in part/ to me being me/ hopeless romantic/ and dope emcee/ wrote this organic/ like green tea/ trimming the fat/ like rap should be/ this has to be/ hardest thing I've done/ like making ladies cum/ am I the crazy one/ the lately dumb/ cant see the forest/ for the oaks/ just like chuck norris/ they're a joke/ living in the past/ Given all I have/ to be myself/ don't think that's bad/ though someone else/ wont see it important/ like recycling/ I pay the price when/ dues are taken/ the more men know me/ the less they hating/ I guess be patient/ foes grow cold/ like frost giants/ some flip rhymes/ I toss science/ and fight the power/ like the rebel alliance
Track Name: Which One
I guess all fights they lead to break ups/ except for the last one when you breakup/ which one is this/ girl I'm not sure/ my hearts with you but youre at the door

Verse 1

Went around the world met a girl just like you/ she was your height too and wore light blue just like you do/ wonder if you knew/ how'd we end up/ I thought it's my luck/ liked you too much/ wanted to do what/ my heart was saying/ started wayan/ marlon and Damon/ a dirty shame/ couldn't keep our thang/ I know things change/ did we have to/ use to laugh boo/ now you're screaming/ so I'm leaving/ what's the reason/ could we pretend/ Its okey dokey/ or is that hokey

Verse 2
Am I screw up/ did we get screwed up/ a bit of both though I hope/ you think it's your fault/ don't need more salt/ thrown in my wounds/ know I'm a Buffon/ it's not a costume/ can't even see doom/ till it's in thee room/ and I assume/ it's passing through/ now your packing shoes/ acting shrewd/ can't relax a few/ we yap and feud/ could a cracked some brews/ napped or snoozed/ but it's action news/ we've crashed into/ each other like race cars/ being lovers so hard/ why would it be/ it shouldnt be/ if thats what we are

Verse 3
You slamming doors the mirrors broken/ you're gonna replace that I'm not joken/ nobodies spoken/ like you do to me/ I'm glad you're open/ but it's so new to me/ Kind of hoping/ you forget your pissed/ we go to bliss and kiss/ I'm missing that/ this ain't the haps/ it's tainted crap/ You just attack/ I'll take it go ahead baby break a leg/ everything you said/ I know you didn't mean/ your blowing off steam/ but that's blowing me/ you're showing me/ what I don't want see/ is this all were gonna be
Track Name: My Trip To Canada
Thought about my moms and pops alot/ wonder if they're shocked I'm not a big shot/ I got dreams and had plans/ I'd be the man but I'll be damned/ it ain't happen yet/ what does rapping get/ except strange looks/ And the pain took/ From shows where no dough is even offered/ a breathing pauper/ that's seems so awkward/ that's what I am/ moms don't see that/ I think dad does but she don't believe that/ i'm a failure I gotta tell ya/ I'm not much/ just a schmuck that's stuck/ In a rut so what/ grow up I should/ will it do any good/ shoulda stayed in the hood/ done community college/ I left seeking knowledge/ but now I'm just empty and so is my wallet

Thought about those I know/ starting families/ so many bros and Schmoes/ I question can it be/ something I do when nothing I do/ seems right half the time I k got a half a mind/ to stay away from chicks/ and relationships/ can I make it fit/ in my little life/ a wife and kid/ sounds right I dig/ but I don't even go on second dates/ I guess my face/ don't suggest a mate/ like it's less than great/ so I estimate/ i'll accept my fate/ it's not meant to be/ no legacy for me/ as far as I can see/ that bothers me/ naturally/ I'm getting use to it/ the more I go through it/ soeeones gotta sleep alone/ so I kef ep the microphone/ closer than it's ever been/ hoping were still friends

Thought about it all and figured that id call/ my peeps in missasaga/ tell em' that I'm honored/ they keep looking out/ but can I repay that/ without a doubt I would/ but I doubt I could/ should thank em more/ I will I swear/ cause I feel they're rare/ and they've been there/ when I was real low/ and most mofos/ i suppose just use ya/ feel like a loser but not with them/ I know that's kinda sappy/ but that makes me happy/ so you don't know me actually/ if you don't know about em'/ and besides that/ I thought about my rap/ and how to write tracks/ that cats keep playing/ cause of what im saying/ and spent days in/ a page trying too/ stayed in a daze/ trying to be fly for you/ then thought about the truth so i dont lie to you
Track Name: Under The Circumstances
Verse 1
She asked me if I was happy/ told her actually/ if she has me/ and it's us too/ what we go through/ cannot break us/ now I hate us/ life is made up/ of ups and downs/ More downs then ups is love enough/ must be for some/ not us how come/ her touch is numb/ like Beth Gibbons/ I guess living/ together never/ the best endeavor/ coulda been better/ coulda been worse/ first time she said let's share a bed/ couch and futon I should've moved on/ now it's cupouns/ and grey poo pon/ I like ketchup damn I messed up/ took those chances/ but I can't leave under the circumstances

Verse 2
Scared to be alone on my own again/ once you depend on another ya trapped/ discovering that/ was difficult/ and it's my fault/ Should fix the bolts/ on my life/ to many keys given to she/ getting to be/ the laundry/ and groceries/ forgot how to do/ sad cause it's true/ she does it all/ but what's it called/ if for her trouble/ I say I've struggled/ to share my heart/ there's a part/ of me that wishes/ she's my misses/ empty kisses/ and promises/ is all I give/ she's satisfied/ It's in her eyes/ I just wonder why/ she always tries/ to be by my side

Verse 3
Two years have passed/ it feels like ten/ if you'd have asked/ me way back when/ I'd say no way/ now I'm like okay/ baby comes in may/ yeah you heard me/ it disturbed me/ when she told me/ she had to console me/ damn, if only/ I was smarter/ being a father/ seems much harder/ then I bothered/ to think it was/ but she's in love/ guess that's something/ that means nothing/ since I'm fronting/ and keep wanting/ her to say quits/ but she don't say shit/ I'm not a dick/ I just go with it/ like Anniston/ in a rom com/ not panicing/ I'm staying calm/ but whats happening/ should have a song
Track Name: Wish
I wish you could see the world/ the way I do/ take a view or two/ out my eyes would you/ that lady from the news/ still bugging me/ killed out the blue/ it's real troubling/ we're just so fragile/ and life is too/ you gotta be agile and make your moves/ But so much risk just makes me wish/ we lived in a place/ that wasn't like this/ where loves unrequited/ thugs get excited/ by drugs and high kids/ I close my eyelids/ try to ignore it/ but I'm too nosy like Truman capote/ I suppose we/ try to find peace/ just a piece of it/ but that's undiscovered like Star Trek 6/ we find war more like Wrath of khan/ so I stay calm/ my version of it/ like persian's covered/ express my faith/ the best I make/ of my situations/ wish I was patient/ waitings my strong suit/ but it's not and I've got to consider/ the more I live here the more I'll turn bitter/ but I figure/ that's the price I pay/ for trying to stay here/ just one more day/ I wish we had longer/ I'm sad we don't/ Wish you'll remember me but fear you won't
Track Name: Drum For Me
Give it give it all I got/ live it like i'm gonna drop/ any minute any second/ but I refuse too/ I just keep on paying dues/ and do what I gotta do/ knowing I could never lose/ dven if I choose to

Verse 1
language is dangerous I spit flames that'll burn my lips like candlesticks/ jack jumped over I act like Vodka spiritual dude fight imperial views while mokeries of democracy/ boil oil and soil it's under/ I wonder if Forbes explores how the rich/ use a war and the poor and exploit them quick/ i quit CNN cspan and fox/ never was a fan I'll be damned those cocks/ get my ratings when they hating/ didn't know better I swear they pagans/ always saying truth as they see it/ guess if you paying they'll believe it/ now liberal media's wikipedia/ and shows low value like expedia
Verse 2
Create life when I write kill men too/ payed the price to be nice how bout you/ what u spending to keep on penning/ your peeps is winning/ don't seem much/ I've seen stuff from teens that buck to Feinds that trust they'll get their fix/ though they broke their home is too/ ain't got much I notice you/ in the same boat a similar yacht/ I maintain hope pretending I'm not/ in the same struggle/ overcame trouble/ Pain of the hustle/ and dames that'll drain ya brain and ya muscles/ I tussled with em'/ fell in love too what else is new/ been through enough just made me tough/ I swallow this stuff when life just sucks
Verse 3
Don't trust words I trust actions/ words will betray you I've seen it happen/ actions lie too/ like sleeping mutts/ so speaking what I feels no big deal/ when everyone swears they're being honest/ even promise when pleading nonsense/ Constant reminder whatever I say/ won't be taken as truth today/ Maybe it's crazy for you to believe me/ Maybe its crazy to think it's easy/ when deceit creeps and is used to speak/ I lust for beats and ways to reach you/ You can see that in verses I rap/ It's me verses crap I think is wack/ and the black cloud that follows me and mine/ but then again that could all be in my mind
Track Name: Most Wanted Feat. Childish Gambino
Verse 1
Our love is not strong/ but I say we belong/ together in each song/ but you think I do wrong/
I show up home late/ you think it's so fake/ like I was on some date/ that makes me so sick/ why can't we omit/ all of the bullshit/ I got you a ring bitch/ gotta fix somethings/ like playing the dumb games/ life ain't parcheze/ and that's not easy/ but you can't believe me/ you doubt me too much/ my mouth you don't trust/ but that just hurts us/ so what's the purpose/ are we a couple/ or are we a circus/ love isn't surplus/ plus aint enough/ must be losing it/ or just losing you/ I can't keep doing this/ just to keep doing you/ Its just too much/ don't wanna give up/ or call it quits/ but enough of this

Verse 2
I cant spend another night/ if we have another fight/ most our arguments lacking common sense/ you acting so intent/ on proving I'm screwing/ behind your back/ but you lack facts/ like evolution/ it's confusing/ you want this to work/ or prove I'm a jerk/ probably both/ I hardly see hope/ in us lasting/ if u keep asking/ to see my phone/ can't you see I'm grown/ girl please discover/ I don't need a mother/ I got one that's great/ and Hun you make me/ keep thinking lately/ you're kinda crazy/ not attractive/ no way suitable/ baby ya beautiful/ so unusual/ you don't think so/ How much can I tell you/ if you can't see I love you/ I guess I've failed you

Verse 3
Know you been hurt bad/ men can be dirt bags/ ferltizer/ you learn to try to/ be stern and wiser/
Smarter at least/ harder to keep/ an open mind/ and open heart/ when hopes you find/ get broke apart/ I start to understand/ if I'm your man/ gotta make plans/ to fight your baggage/ like Scott pilgrim/ when it gets tragic/ and when I feel dumb/ How come no one/ comes with a label/ your ingredients/ too unstable/ we mix but that's it/ and taste awful/ you fill my thoughts/ but you're not thoughtful/ not the way I am/ gotta stop trying/ when I lye with you/ you think I'm lying/ sell my soul for you/ but you won't buy in
Track Name: Up 2 U
Verse 1
She was just trying to make things work/ he was a jerk/ the worst kind you'd find/ the first time she climbed/ onto his matress/ she thought that's it/ I've found heaven/ but Kevin was 25/ and not the type of the guy/ that you let inside/ your heart at all/ started to fall/ head over heels/ but couldn't walk in em/ saw no fault in him/ even after he got her pregnant/ what a disaster shoulda been hesitant/ her mom warned her/ but she didn't listen/ told her she's bitching/ more then a smidgen/ now her position/ keep this baby/ or finish high school/ yeah it's crazy/ she's thinking maybe/ he'll be a good father/ but if you know him you know he won't bother

Verse 2
He and his peeps had beef/ with cats down the street/ Now they plan to meet/ for retaliation/ the occasion/ a misunderstanding/ so they're aching/ to put their hands in / fisticuffs when the gettings rough/ he missed this stuff/ when college started/ he knows it's retarded/ he's feeling lethargic/ he wasn't a hard kid/ the fellas knew/ get out the hood man/ you'll be a good man/ they say to him but they keep calling/ he says he's all in/ wants to be loyal/ his fresh future's/ about to be spoiled/ gun in his sock drawer/ it's wrapped in foil/ he's never used it/ but being brutish/ he's been there before/ though he isn't sure/ if he'll make it out/ should stay in the house
Track Name: Thinner
Just too much of me to love I figure/ maybe she would love me if was thinner

Verse 1
Everyday were together can it be this way forever/ we get along better/ then we do with anybody/ you know I like Bacardi/ and I know you like atari/ you played at a party/ when you was like six/ and liked it ever since/ plus you listen to Prince/ Purple Rain's ya jam/ you claim it's HAM/ I remain a fan/ but I don't buy his stuff/ sometimes its tough I know I heard you say/ why do we stay in each others company/ if we can't be lovers/ I know you have fun with me/ you can have lunch with me/ you can get drunk with me/ what do you want from me/ what else is there/ I've showed you I care/ not being with you that's just a nightmare/ why dont you fight fair/ saying you not where/ my heart is/ heartless/ but tell me I'm perfect/ and thats the hardest

Verse 2
Your mom died in October you cried on my shoulder/ I hold u in my arms/ and told you that no harm/ would come to you so/ was that dumb to do no/ I run to you slow/ and you runaway/ like I'm chupacabre just some fucking monster/ not he who bothered/ to open his door/ when your ex beat you up/ for two whole months/ I said he was a punk/ you ain't wanna buy that/ then went right back/ you must be my crack/ should a said forget you/ even though I'd miss you/ you let him hit you but I can't kiss you/ yeah it's official you're fucking nuts/ I'm fucking up/ awesome combo depending who you ask/ and then you getting mad/ when I say we have/ something you should grab/ and hold on tight/ and grip for dear life

Verse 3
What haven't we been through if I grab a pencil to write it down/ we'll be here all year/ my dear I fear you don't hear me clear/ like you smeared your ears/ with something that blocks em' I don't wanna shock them/ but truth can be/ electric accept it/ chew on it for breakfast/ you get the message/ I know your affected cause I'm infected/ by what you are my luck so far/ I've touched your scars and you've seen mine/ though it seems your blind/ to everything else/ am i blaming myself cause that wouldn't help/ neither one of us I'll try to sum it up/ but don't think I can/ I'm only a man cause one should protect you/ always respect you and never negelect you/ but i think im punished/ for thinking you're special